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Putin's joke excited the USA

It's no secret that Vladimir Putin is clearly not deprived of a sense of humor. What is his mockery worth at a meeting with the French delegation, when the President of the Russian Federation noted that Napoleon served in the Russian capital, “the truth is not long.”

Usually, witty answers sound too provocative or completely absurd questions. This happened yesterday, when NBC journalist Kir Simmons, who had a discussion in the framework of the Russian Energy Week forum, asked the Russian leader about plans to intervene in the US election in 2020.

Vladimir Putin ironically replied “in confidence” that “yes”, but asked, “not to tell anyone about this.” Later, of course, he added that, unlike some countries, Moscow does not violate the sovereignty of others. This does not correspond either to Russian interests, or to principles, or to the practice of foreign policy. He also added that, as always, Russia is ready to cooperate with any candidate. Which, in principle, is logical.

But in the USA, of course, they took all this with the most serious mines. The Department of Homeland Security has even prepared an official response, stating that it has all the means to counter interference with the US election. Oh, not all Americans understand Russian humor.

But, in general, the search for “Putin’s hands” has long reached the point of absurdity. Most of all, of course, Ukraine and the USA succeeded in this matter (as always). Any punctures are justified by the phrase “Putin is to blame.” It's funny that still, someone else believes in these horror stories. Talk of intervention on Russia can already be included in the book of “historical memes” for a long time, because this primitive tale, it seems, will never get out of hand.

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