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Snowfalls hit the US and Japan

Among the countries that were covered with snow was Japan — a cold front came to the north of the country. In this regard, a little less than half a meter of snow fell literally in a day. This made it difficult to move along city streets, and cars got stuck in kilometer-long traffic jams.

In addition, there are problems due to snow on the roads and in the USA. Due to poor visibility and ice in the state of Iowa, there was a massive road accident — about 40 vehicles collided, but there was no information about the dead or injured. Rescuers are now trying to stretch the cars that blocked the intercity highway.

Recall that in December in the north of Japan, a heavy snowfall also fell, as a result of which the streets were covered with snow up to 1.6 meters, at least 13 people were injured and dozens of flights were canceled.

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