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Three policemen were injured during a shooting in the USA

After the attacker wounded three law enforcement officers, he barricaded himself in the house. Negotiations are underway with him.

In the American city of High Point in the state of North Carolina, there was a shootout, as a result of which three police officers were injured. One law enforcement officer will need an operation, according to News Channel 8.

The incident took place on the night of February 5. The police were patrolling the streets and heard the sound of gunfire. As a result of the incident, two police officers were slightly injured, one is to be operated on.

The attacker barricaded himself in the house after the shooting. Negotiations are underway with him. People in the area have been evacuated. The police believe there are no other people in the house and no one else was hurt.

As previously reported, in the United States, two FBI agents were killed during a search for child pornography.

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