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Amazon begins testing cameras in delivery vans to monitor drivers

Amazon begins testing cameras in delivery vans to monitor drivers

The company has installed artificial intelligence cameras in vans rented by drivers participating in the Partner Service Delivery program. Writes about this CNBC.

Amazon uses a camera created by startup Netradyne, founded in 2015 by two former senior Qualcomm employees. The camera is called Drivers — it has four lenses that capture the road, the driver, and the entire interior of the car.

The cameras are equipped with software that can detect 16 different safety issues, including distraction, speeding, braking, and more. Cameras can detect when a driver is yawning, according to one driver.

In the event of a safety violation, the camera will issue sound warnings — “keep a safe distance”, “please slow down” and more. If the driver continues to behave “unsafely”, the camera uploads the video to a dedicated server available to Amazon.

Amazon claims it cannot view live camera footage. But in some cases, the company may contact the driver directly. For example, if he yawns, the camera will prompt you to stop for 15 minutes. If the driver does not obey, they will call him with a request to stop.

In this way, the company aims to improve the safety of drivers on the road, but some drivers are concerned about violations of their privacy. They say the cameras are “unnerving” and call them “big brother” and “the punishment system.” Drivers say they are worried the cameras will exert unnecessary pressure during operation.

“It just means that every Amazon car will now also be an Amazon surveillance camera. And right now there are no laws governing what Amazon can do with all the records, ” said Evan Greer, spokesman for the human rights group Fight for the Future.

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