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Trump resigns from the US Actors Guild with a scandal

Former US President Donald Trump has left the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists — the so-called Screen Actors Guild.

Fox News reports.

The former head of the White House has already sent a letter to the organization, notifying it of his decision. Prior to that, the guild's board by an “overwhelming majority” recognized Trump's actions during the January storming of the Capitol as a violation of union membership rules, which would have led to his expulsion.

“Your organization has done little for its members, and nothing for me but collecting contributions and promoting dangerous anti-American policies and ideas,” Trump said in a letter to Screen Actors Guild President Gabrielle Carteris.

He stressed that he is “very proud” of his work on films such as Home Alone 2, The Model Boy, and Wall Street: Money Doesn't Sleep, The Prince of Beverly Hills TV series, and Saturday Night Live. And the reality shows The Apprentice, which Trump hosted himself, he called one of the most successful in television history.

“I no longer want to be associated with your union. Thus, this letter informs you of my immediate withdrawal from the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists,” the ex-president summed up.

To this Trump received a very succinct “Thank you” from Carteris and union executive director David Wheat.

Recall that on January 6, before Congress approved the results of the presidential election, which was won by Democrat Joe Biden, Donald Trump addressed a crowd of supporters and urged them not to allow this, which provoked the storming of the Capitol, which led to the death of five people.

This triggered the start of a new impeachment procedure for Donald Trump. Senate consideration of the resolution is scheduled for February 9.

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