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A powerful explosion in a hotel thundered in Greece: video of the consequences

In Greece, an explosion took place, which almost to the ground destroyed a three-story building.

According to the Greek Reporter, the incident took place in the early morning of February 4 in the northern city of Kastoria.

The explosion destroyed the Tsamis hotel, which had existed for about half a century — shards of glass and its metal fragments scattered to a distance of 80 meters.

Firefighters were dispatched to the scene of the explosion, and police cordoned off the area and blocked traffic on the main city road.

However, there were no casualties and injuries — according to the owner of the hotel, there was no one in the building at the time of the explosion since it had been closed since last year.

The police launched an investigation, but the investigators did not voice any guesses about the reasons for the explosion.

The three-star Tsamis Hotel was built in the 70s of the last century, and in 2010 it underwent a major renovation. It was located next to the landmark of North Macedonia — Lake Kastoria. There were 75 regular rooms and 5 “suites” in total.

We will remind you, last fall in the Aegean Sea there was an earthquake that affected the Greek island of Samos. As a result, many buildings were damaged and two people died. Several areas were flooded by the ensuing tsunami.

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