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Biden promised that he would make Russia “pay for everything”

The US will make Russia “pay” for its actions, President Joe Biden said in his State Department foreign policy keynote speech.

“I made it clear to President Putin, unlike my predecessor, that the days when the United States will give up in the face of Russia's aggressive actions — interference in our elections, cyber-attacks, poisoning of its citizens — are over. We will not hesitate to make Russia pay, and we will protect the vital interests of our people,” he said. Moscow has repeatedly denied all of Biden's accusations in the past.

The American leader added that the United States will be “more effective” on the issue of Russia while working “in a coalition with like-minded partners.”

In addition, Biden for the first time publicly called on Moscow to immediately release Alexei Navalny, who on Tuesday the court replaced the suspended sentence in the case of the Yves Rocher company with a real one — 3.5 years in a general regime colony.

“The politically motivated detention of Navalny and the Russian attempts to suppress freedom of assembly is an issue of deep concern to us and the entire international community,” Biden said.

According to him, Navalny was “ targeted for exposing corruption.”

“He should be released immediately and without conditions,” the American president said.

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