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Elon Musk admitted the low quality of Tesla cars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has unexpectedly acknowledged the truth of one of his company's harshest critics of electric cars, technical consultant Sandy Munro. In an interview on the expert's podcast, the businessman noted that, in general, the claims were adequate, CNN reports.

Munro is engaged in dismantling and restoring cars to assess their quality. In early 2018, he did such an experience with a Model 3 and was amazed at the poor quality. Kia had the same flaws in the 1990s, he said.

“I can't imagine how they started selling it,” Munro said at the time. Among other things, the expert noted uneven gaps between the panels and poor coloring.

Musk usually reacts sharply to criticism, but this time he even added that the first budget Tesla had comfort problems. “The early Model 3s had the worst seats I've ever sat in,” the head of the company admitted.

Probably, the other words of Munro pushed him to frankness. The expert noted that he recently bought another Model 3, which had flaws, and then checked for the same flaws in the car he bought a month later, and it turned out to be perfect.

Musk noted that it is better to buy Tesla cars either at the very beginning or when production has already started at full capacity. And during the organization of production, he is sure, it is problematic to produce high-quality cars.

Earlier it was reported that Tesla, for the first time since its foundation, recorded a profit for the whole year. In 2020, the company earned $721 million with more than $31.5 billion in revenue.

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