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Counterfeit negative coronavirus tests are being traded in Europe

Counterfeit negative coronavirus tests are being traded in Europe

There are more and more people who want to make money on fake coronavirus tests. This problem is especially acute now in Europe. Groups of fraudsters have already been identified in England, France, the Netherlands, and Spain.

According to information voiced by the EU police, several fraudulent gangs were discovered at once, which were selling fake documents with negative coronavirus test results.

According to Europol, representatives of various companies and criminal groups were detained, which were engaged in the implementation of fake negative tests for tourists from several European countries at once — France, England, the Netherlands, and Spain.

In particular, a criminal group of seven people was detained at the French Charles de Gaulle airport. Fraudsters sold fake tests to tourists at a very high price — from 150 to 300 euros.

The case of the criminal sale of negative certificates was also registered at the English Luton airport. There, according to law enforcement agencies, the fraudster offered tests for £100. It is noted that the price included a “very fast negative test.”

Similar “entrepreneurs” have been found in Spain and the Netherlands. In these countries, they asked for only 40 to 60 euros for a false-negative test result.

However, some enterprising scammers have gone even further in their desire to make money. They have developed a special mobile application where you can easily change the results of the analysis for coronavirus infection. In particular, such a case was reported by Europol in Ireland.

Tourists who decided to use such services were warned that in the event of fraud, both those who provide such services and those who buy fake tests and then pass them off as their own will be punished.

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