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Revealed the cost of the iPhone 13 Pro

The cost of a new iPhone with one terabyte of internal memory will be a record. This is reported by the Chinese edition of MyDrivers.

The journalists of the publication suggested how much the iPhone 13 Pro will cost, which can get a drive with a maximum capacity of one terabyte. The authors recalled that in the US, the iPhone 12 Pro with 128 gigabytes of memory was priced at $999, the 256 and 512-gigabyte versions — $1099 and 1299, respectively. In China, these models were priced at 8499, 9299, and 11,099 yuan, respectively.

The message says that Apple's pricing policy will allow disclosing the cost of the future device with the maximum storage capacity. So, the journalists noticed that for each increase in memory by 128 gigabytes, the price of the device increases by about $100 and 800 yuan — depending on the region. From this, experts concluded that the iPhone 13 Pro with a one terabyte drive can be priced in the US and China at $1,699 and 14,000 yuan, respectively.

The authors clarified that this is not the maximum cost of the device in the new series of Apple smartphones, since the iPhone 13 Pro Max will also be included in the line. The described device with one terabyte of internal memory will allow the user not to worry about storing personal data and shooting high-quality photos and videos.

The fact that smartphones Apple in 2021 will receive a record volume of drives, said in October network insider Jon Prosser. According to the blogger, given user requests, increasing the maximum iPhone capacity seems logical.

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