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Iraq has no intention of changing the decision to withdraw U.S. troops

Photo: tehrantimes.com
Prime Minister of Iraq Adel Abdel Mahdi

Parliament's decision to withdraw foreign troops is not subject to review, the government said.

Iraqi authorities do not intend to review the parliament's decision to withdraw foreign troops from the country. This was announced on Tuesday, January 14, in the office of the current Prime Minister of the republic, Adel Abdel Mahdi.

It is noted that the government of Iraq will not change the decision on the withdrawal of foreign military contingents, including U.S. troops, from the country or enter into any new agreements with the United States, which will allow them to stay.

“Iraq will not sign any agreement to maintain the presence of U.S. troops in its territory to continue fighting the IGIL,” the statement said.

The document also says that the Cabinet will support a resolution adopted by Parliament on January 5 demanding the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country amid the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

There will be no money without the military. The USA will not leave Iraq.

On 5 January, the Iraqi Council of Representatives voted to stop the foreign military presence in the country and withdraw the request to the international anti-terrorist coalition to provide assistance to combat the ISGIL.

In response, Trump threatened Baghdad with “unprecedented sanctions” and stated that U.S. troops will not leave the country until Iraq pays for the built airbase.

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