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In the US, Republicans want to cut funding for anti-coronavirus measures

Senate members from the Republican Party have called for cuts in funding to fight the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. They are in favor of reducing by three times the amount announced by President Joe Biden.

GOP's members have called for cuts in U.S. coronavirus spending. They propose to allocate three times fewer funds for these purposes than US President Joe Biden announced. Fox News reports.

A group of 10 Republican senators came up with a corresponding initiative. They propose to cut the budget allocated for the fight against coronavirus to $600 million instead of the $1.9 billion proposed by the president. In addition, members of the Republican Party are proposing to cut spending on financial assistance to citizens in a pandemic to $1,000, together with $1,400 promised by Biden.

Senate member Bill Cassidy told reporters that the head of state has not yet responded to the proposal of his colleagues.

Earlier in January, Biden warned of a worsening coronavirus situation in the United States. As the US President noted, before the situation starts to improve, it will get worse. The politician suggested that the number of deaths in the country will exceed half a million in February. In his opinion, the United States will need months to improve the situation with the coronavirus. Nevertheless, he is confident that the country will still be able to defeat the pandemic.

Biden said in December that US citizens may not see an improvement in the coronavirus situation until March. Today, the United States is still the country with the highest number of infections and deaths — 26,186,815 and 441,000, respectively. In January, the US President announced his intention to purchase 100 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

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