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Biden to deliver the first speech on US foreign policy

The speech announced by NBC News will mark Joe Biden's first major foreign policy address since taking office as President of the United States.

President of the United States of America Joe Biden is scheduled to deliver his first major speech tomorrow, in which he will outline the country's foreign policy. This was stated in the message of the NBC News TV channel, referring to the data of its high-ranking source.

Earlier Jen Psaki, who holds the post of spokesman for the White House, reported that on Monday Biden intends to visit the Department of State in order to meet with Anthony Blinken, the new head of the department.

The channel's source said that Joe Biden plans in his speech to set out his own vision of further building foreign policy, which will be aimed at “restoring America's place in the world.”

His speech will mark Biden's first major foreign policy address since taking office as president. The channel reports that Biden is likely to make a speech during his visit to the State Department.

Earlier it was reported that the “critical priority” of the Biden administration will be to work to contain the escalation in the issue of Iran's nuclear program. Jake Sullivan, who is Joe Biden's national security advisor, made a statement.

“In our view, early on, a critical priority should be to address the escalation of the nuclear crisis,” Sullivan said in a statement.

Sullivan clarified that in addition to this, the United States of America will not disregard the missile program implemented by the republic.

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