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Biden urged not to delay Trump's impeachment

Joe Biden has always been aware of the risks that Trump's impeachment hearings in the Senate would interfere with the current agenda.

US President Joe Biden has called on the Senate majority not to delay the Donald Trump impeachment trial. Reported by The Hill.

“President Biden's message to the Democratic leaders in the Senate regarding the future impeachment process against ex-President Trump is clear: even if it is short-lived, it should not be allowed to disrupt the agenda,” the newspaper said.

It is reported that Biden himself was never delighted with the idea of impeachment of Trump, although he did not interfere with this process. He has always been aware of the risks that Trump's Senate court hearings will interfere with the process of appointing officials to the new administration.

Earlier it was reported that the US Senate is not gaining enough votes to declare impeachment of former US President Donald Trump.

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