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France closes large malls due to coronavirus

France will return the ban on large shopping centers from January 31 as part of measures to combat the coronavirus epidemic.

According to France Bleu, this was announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex after an urgent meeting on January 29.

At first, it was expected that they could agree on a new tough lockdown due to concerns about new strains of the virus, but this did not happen.

From January 31, non-food shopping centers with an area of more than 20,000 square meters will have to be closed.

The government hopes in this way to prevent large crowds of people — which has repeatedly happened recently when stores announced promotions and discounts.

According to the prime minister, this step, together with the preservation of the curfew, gives a chance to avoid another hard lockdown.

In addition, smaller large stores are obliged to control the number of visitors.

Business owners are promised support in connection with the loss of profits.

As a reminder, since January 31, France has banned travel from outside the EU, as well as travel from France outside the EU — unless there is an important reason for this.

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