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The media have learned about U.S. threats to Iraq

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Washington is ready to deny Baghdad access to oil funds in case of withdrawal of American troops.

The U.S. threatens Iraq with denial of access to the government bank account, which is in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It holds funds from oil sales, The Wall Street Journal reported January 11.

According to the newspaper, the State Department has warned the Iraqi authorities that they may lose access to the account if American troops are withdrawn from the country.

The corresponding warning was received by Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abd al-Mahdi on Wednesday, January 8.

It is noted that such a step of the American authorities may cause serious damage to the Iraqi economy. What exactly sum is kept in the bank account is not specified in the publication.

Officially authorities of the USA, Iraq, and representatives of the Federal Bank of New York have not commented on this information.

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