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Viking who stormed the Capitol will testify against Trump — lawyer

The defense lawyer stated that Jacob Chansley acted at the invitation of the former president and was counting on his pardon.

The lawyer of Jacob Anthony Chansley, who became known as “Viking” after the storming of the Capitol, said that his client is ready to testify against former President Donald Trump at the impeachment hearing, reports AP agency.

Thus, defense attorney Albert Watkins stated that Chansley had previously been “fascinated” by Trump. The lawyer said that his client acted at the invitation of the former president in storming the Capitol and therefore deserved a pardon from Trump. Trump's refusal to declare a pardon for his supporters disappointed Chancellery.

“He felt like the president betrayed him,” Watkins said.

The lawyer said he has not yet spoken to any members of the Senate but believes it is important for senators to hear the voices of those targeted by Trump's incitement. In addition to Viking, four other people who have been indicted by authorities have said they were moved to storm the Capitol. Their testimony could be heard in the impeachment trial, the agency notes.

Chansley participated in the Capitol assault wearing half-naked, with war paint on his face, a fur hat with horns, and a spear in his hands. His body is covered in tattoos that have been associated with Scandinavian symbols and indirectly with fascism. Chansley is also a proponent of the QAnon conspiracy theory that Democrats allegedly set up a social exploitation network of minors in a Washington restaurant, while Republican President Donald Trump fights the conspiracy.

Recall that on January 6, Donald Trump supporters, dissatisfied with the outcome of the vote, stormed the Capitol. As a result, there were clashes with police, in which dozens of people on both sides were injured. Five people, including a police officer, became victims of the riots.

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