The Russian anthem has an owner in the U.S.

U.S. video hosting YouTube has blocked videos featuring the Russian national anthem for copyright infringement. The Russian Federation called such actions “blatant and unacceptable boorishness.

The service began to punish for videos containing the Russian anthem — patriotic content disappears from the output, and the revenue from advertising is withdrawn in favor of the American company Broadcast Music Inc.

Roskomnadzor said that the anthem and other state symbols are not subject to copyright.

“YouTube's blocking of the Russian anthem is an overt and unacceptable boorish attitude towards all citizens of our country,” the press service said in a statement.

A little later, a number of Russian mass media said that Google recognized the blocking as unfounded and it will be withdrawn.

Note that the site monitors compliance with copyrights using the Content ID system. Digital fingerprints, samples of content uploaded by copyright holders, are stored there. New videos uploaded to YouTube are compared with these fingerprints. When a match is found, Content-ID claims rights to the videos on behalf of the rights holder.

It is likely that the system has recorded the copyright to a particular performance of the Russian anthem published on the site. And Content-ID, finding similarities, blocked all other materials.

As previously reported, the Russian State Duma passed in the third reading a law banning censorship of Internet portals, which will affect YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

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