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In Italy, dogs have taught to detect coronavirus by the smell

Italian cynologists have taught service dogs to identify people infected with coronavirus by their skin odor.

This is reported by TGCOM24.

The demonstration was held on January 27 in one of the terminals in the arrival area of Rome Fiumicino airport.

Italpol says that it takes six to eight weeks to train a dog to identify a person with COVID-19. In this case, a potential patient can be identified before symptoms appear — it only takes a few seconds to be near such a dog.

The dogs chosen for the demonstration were a six-year-old Belgian shepherd called Punish, as well as Dutch shepherds, five-year-old Lucy, and one-and-a-half-year-old Max. These are breeds with a highly developed sense of smell, which the bomb squad uses to detect explosives and the police use to search for drugs.

The dogs that detect the “smell” of the coronavirus are given a ball to play with as an encouragement.

In the future, these animals are planned to be used for work with real passengers. The same practice is already used in Finland and France.

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