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No home, no money, no job: former U.S. vice president has nowhere to live

Former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen, who returned to their home state of Indiana last week, found themselves in an extremely uncomfortable situation — they have no home, business, or savings.

Business Insider reports this, citing its own sources.

Because of this, some reports say the former “second couple in the country” settled into the cottage of Indiana governor and longtime Pence friend Eric Holcomb after the move. According to other reports, they stayed at the home of Pence's brother Mike Pence in Columbus, south of the state.

It is noted that as vice president, Pence did not list any properties on any of his tax returns. However, from 2017 until recently, he lived in a state residence on the grounds of the Naval Observatory in Washington.

He and his wife are known to have previously owned a house in Edinburgh, an hour south of the state capital, Indianapolis, and as a congressman, he received income from rental properties in Columbus.

Now, however, sources close to him and former President Donald Trump say Pence does not own his home. For a long time, they either rented home or it was provided to them by the government.

Journalists have even estimated that as governor of Indiana (from 2013-2017), Pence earned about $112,000 a year, and as vice president, $230,700. That's clearly not enough for his own home.

According to Pence's aide, his boss will be on the road between Washington and Indiana for the next six months, and then he will finally settle down in his home country. Where exactly his boss will live, the aide did not say.

It's also noted that when moving into the vice president's residence in 2017, Pence asked the president for funds to furnish it. He himself had no money because of his brother's bankruptcy, and former Vice President Joe Biden was moving in with his furniture and leaving with it. So Pence literally had nothing to sleep on.

Recall that Trump, meanwhile, has returned to his luxurious Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, where he has already opened an office for the former president. Whether he plans to support Pence in any way is unknown.

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