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U.S. senators debate resolution condemning Trump

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine and Republican Senator Susan Collins are privately discussing a bipartisan resolution to censure former President Donald Trump with their colleagues.

Axios reports this, citing its own sources.

Democrats are interested in passing the resolution if at least ten Republican senators publicly support it. This would ensure the 60-vote margin needed to pass the resolution in the Senate.

However, it remains unclear whether such a resolution will be adopted instead of the impeachment trial against Trump, the sources added.

Note that the U.S. Senate previously held a vote to recognize the impeachment of the former president as illegal.

In the vote, 55 senators declared impeachment legal and 45 declared it illegal. At the same time, only five Republicans spoke in favor of the legality of impeachment. Collins was among them.

Recall that Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer promised that the impeachment process would go relatively quickly. The case would not have to involve numerous witnesses.

And Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested moving the impeachment vote on Donald Trump to February 13.

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