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Trump won: U.S. Supreme Court closes corruption cases

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider an appeal on whether Donald Trump violated an article of the U.S. Constitution that prohibits the president from profiting from a foreign government.

This was reported by CNN.

In addition, in his ruling, the judge ordered the lower courts to overturn previous decisions because, since Trump is no longer in office.

However, another question remains unresolved: whether it was legal for Trump to allow his assets to take money from foreign governments, given that he retained ownership.

The Supreme Court was considering two petitions. The first was filed by lawyers from Washington, D.C., and Maryland, who argued that Trump violated the Constitution by accepting payments from foreign and U.S. officials through the Trump International Hotel. According to the plaintiffs, the president's involvement in the business is an element of unfair competition.

A similar complaint came collectively from hotel and restaurant owners and employees in New York and Washington, D.C.

They appealed to the “emoluments clause,” which prohibits the president from receiving remuneration or profits from any “king, prince or foreign country” without the consent of Congress. A similar restriction applies within the United States. In fact, the only income of a head of state can be salaries and benefits.

Analysts believe that by effectively closing Trump's corruption cases, the Supreme Court decided to avoid sharp corners in the trial involving the former president.

As a reminder, clouds continue to hang over Donald Trump as an article of impeachment was referred to the U.S. Senate today. In connection with this, the trial of the 45th president is scheduled to begin this week in the upper house of Congress.

At the same time, his successor Joe Biden openly expressed doubts about the Democrats' ability to gather enough votes for impeachment.

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