Amazing Chinese balcony car

Not so long ago, a new train was put into operation in China, the passengers of which we can only envy. The marked border of personal space, comfortable shelves and, most importantly, while moving along the corridor of the car, the train does not touch and does not see the feet of those who are comfortable on the shelves — well, isn't it a beauty.

Just a few days ago, the Shanghai Railways announced that a new high-speed night train, which will travel along the route “Beijing-Shanghai”, had entered the rails. Given the impressive size of the country, long-distance trains in China are in great demand. The distance between the marked megacities on the high-speed highway is about 1318 km, to overcome it on a new train now it is possible in only 12 hours.

The dimensions of the new railway transport have undergone some changes. Namely, the height of the ceilings in the coach has been increased and sleeping places have been modified.

In comparison with the old cars, the volume of the new one became more by 37%, and the number of seats on the train was 880. The engineers have taken care to reduce the level of vibration and noise in cars and now, as they assure, there is as much noise in the train as there is in the interior of the car while driving. The train has a speed limit of 250 km/h, which is explained by its night traffic

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