Zuckerberg told us how he sees the future

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Mark Zuckerberg's post got 88,000 reactions.

Mark Zuckerberg told us how he sees the next 10 years. The businessman thinks that young people will deal with acute problems.

American programmer, developer and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg spoke about how he sees the near future. He shared his thoughts on his social network page.

The 35-year-old entrepreneur, whose fortune is estimated at $71 billion, wrote that, in his opinion, the young generation should gain more influence in the next ten years.

He is sure that by 2030 there will be more young people in politics who will pay more attention to climate, education and health problems.

Also, according to the founder of Facebook, thanks to virtual reality technologies people will be able to live anywhere in the world and in order to get a good job, they will not have to move to megacities.

Zuckerberg promised to provide more opportunities for small businesses on his social platform.

The entrepreneur stressed that Facebook creates an independent Supervisory Board, thanks to which social network users can appeal against decisions on content.

It should be added that the publication of Mark Zuckerberg received 88 thousand reactions and 11 thousand comments. It was reposted 5.9 thousand times.

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