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Hundreds of National Guardsmen guarding the Capitol infected with COVID-19

Hundreds of US National Guard fighters, who guarded the Capitol in Washington after the riots, have contracted COVID-19 or are quarantined in hotels in the American capital. Writes about this edition Politico.

The publication notes that the profile committee of the Senate is investigating and finding out whether security measures were followed due to the coronavirus among the National Guardsmen. As the Republican senator said, the location of thousands of military personnel in the garage after the end of the events in connection with the inauguration of President Joe Biden created a particular risk among them of contracting the coronavirus.

The disease was mostly asymptomatic. According to the source, before the fighters leave Washington after completing their service there, they will need to pass a coronavirus test. Probably, testing can also be carried out among those who remain in Washington for the time being.

Earlier, members of the US National Guard complained that they were evicted from the corridors of the Capitol into a cold parking lot with one shower. About five thousand people who guarded the streets of Washington during the inauguration of President Joe Biden were banned from staying in the Capitol. Politicians stood up for the National Guards, and they were allowed to return to the Capitol. The Bureau of the National Guard said that the military was sent to the parking lot because of the meeting of Congress, such a measure was temporary.

The storming of the US Capitol building took place on January 6 during a rally of supporters of the incumbent head of state, who do not recognize the results of the November vote, which resulted in the election of Democrat Joe Biden as president. The rallies led to clashes with the police. Five people were killed. The FBI is investigating whether foreign governments, organizations, or individuals provided financial support to rioters.

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