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Johnson called the new British strain of coronavirus more deadly

A new British strain of coronavirus is not only more contagious but also more deadly. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this at a briefing on Friday, Jan. 22.

“There is reason to believe that a variant of the coronavirus identified in Britain may be associated with higher mortality rates,” The Guardian quoted him as saying.

According to data presented at the briefing, when infected with the old strain, about 10 people out of 1,000 who fall ill die, while when infected with the new strain, 13 to 14 people die.

Earlier on Friday, it became known that scientists from Queen's University and the University of British Columbia (Canada) have developed a biosensor that will help assess the level of contagiousness of some new SARS-CoV-2 mutations. This will help speed up the detection of viral mutants and the processes of finding drugs against COVID-19.

The discovery of a new variant of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom became known in mid-December. The United Kingdom's Advisory Council on New and Emerging Respiratory Viral Threats confirmed that the new strain is spreading at a greater rate and requires greater caution from the public.

On January 7, Hans Kluge, Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Europe, said that a mutated variant of the infection had been identified in 22 countries in Europe.

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