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Biden toughened requirements for those entering the U.S.

The new American leader has resorted to such solutions to combat the spread of the coronavirus in the United States, where the pandemic is on the rise.

The United States imposes a mandatory quarantine on all people traveling to the United States from overseas by air. The restrictions are related to the coronavirus pandemic, American leader Joe Biden said at a briefing. The President's speech on Thursday, January 21, was broadcast by the White House on Twitter.

“In light of the new strains of the virus that we are learning about, we are introducing new measures for those who fly to the United States from other countries. In addition to the mandatory wearing of a mask, everyone who flies to the United States from other countries must take a coronavirus test. Before the flight, as well as to quarantine upon arrival in America, “Biden explained.

According to the president, the situation with the coronavirus in the United States is getting worse and by February in the United States “there will be 500 thousand deaths from the coronavirus.”

At the same time, he gave assurances that America will defeat the pandemic.

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