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Media: U.S. Intelligence thinks the Boeing in Iran was hit by two missiles...

It is noted that the information was not shared at once to thoroughly double-check it.

Photo AP Photo / Ebrahim Noroozi

U.S. intelligence believes that the Ukrainian “Boeing”, which crashed in the suburbs of Tehran, was hit not by one but by two missiles. This was reported by CNN with reference to employees of the US administration.

According to them, Iran's radar allegedly captured a potential target and then the “Boeing” fell.

The sources of the TV channel said that the intelligence did not immediately share the data, as it was checking them. According to the preliminary version, the liner was shot down by mistake.

We would like to remind you that the liner of the International Airlines of Ukraine, which took off from Tehran to Kyiv, crashed shortly after takeoff on the morning of January 8. As a result, all passengers and crew members were killed. The list of the dead was made public, and video of the crash and photos from the crash site appeared on the web. According to the Iranian authorities, the accident could have been caused by technical problems with the aircraft engine. At the same time, the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine named among the versions of the disaster a “Boeing” attack and the defeat of an anti-aircraft missile. The civil aviation of Iran rejected the version of a missile strike.

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