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The media named the first Biden decrees

On the first day of his presidency after taking the oath, Biden will sign several decrees overturning Trump's decisions.

In the United States on January 20, the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden will take place. After the ceremony, the new head of the White House intends to immediately sign several decrees that will cancel some decisions of his predecessor, Donald Trump, writes the BBC.

So, Biden previously promised that his administration in the first 100 days in the White House will distribute 100 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

“My administration will manage a robust and aggressive plan to contain this virus from day one ...” said the elected head of state.

Joe Biden is also going to renew the US membership in the Paris Climate Accords. Prior to that, Trump withdrew from the agreements because he considered that the United States was binding itself with unnecessary obligations, while China did not adhere to these norms and therefore Chinese companies had an advantage in the market.

The new president promises to force China to reduce pollution levels, as well as tighten requirements for environmental standards in the United States.

Biden wants to repeal his predecessor's decree banning travel to the country for citizens of several Muslim countries. The ban was passed in 2017.

The President intends to return the States to the World Health Organization. Earlier, Trump accused its employees of helping China hide the real danger of coronavirus.

The new US president wants to cancel the construction of the wall with Mexico, calling it “a waste of money.”

In addition, Biden is going to introduce mandatory wearing of masks on the territory of federal facilities and when traveling from one state to another.

Earlier it was reported that Biden had nominated a transgender person for government office. Rachel Levine could become assistant secretary of health.

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