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Biden will spend the night before the inauguration at the White House guest residence

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden is staying at the Blair House guest residence of the White House on the eve of the inauguration.

The politician accepted an offer to stay at the residence last week. The building, located across from the White House, is where presidential and U.S. government guests of honor stay. Since 1942, Blair House has hosted foreign heads of state and government who come to visit, as well as members of their delegations. It is also a tradition to house a new head of state for a few days before his inauguration and entry into the White House.

Biden's inauguration is scheduled for January 20. Vice President Mike Pence, in particular, has been invited to the event. At the same time, Biden called the decision of the current U.S. leader Donald Trump not to attend the event, which he said earlier, good. In Washington, D.C., heightened security measures have been taken in connection with the inauguration. A large part of the city center adjacent to the White House and Congress is closed to vehicular traffic. Capitol Hill is cordoned off and access is restricted.

On January 19, Trump's wife Melania refused to invite Biden's wife Jill to a White House hospitality tour. In doing so, she broke a tradition that had lasted for more than 70 years: the wife of the outgoing president hosted the wife of the new head of state in the family wing of the residence before the inauguration, showed her the living quarters, and told her about life in the White House.

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