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The ice hockey world championship was taken away from Belarus

Today, the International Ice Hockey Federation has decided to take away from Belarus the right to host the World Ice Hockey Championship in the top division. His matches were to be hosted by Minsk and Riga from May 21 to June 6. The reason for this decision was the political instability in Belarus and the violence of the authorities over the protesters.

Recently it became known that the sponsors have announced a boycott of the World Ice Hockey Championship if Lukashenka is left. So far, there is no information about whether all World Cup matches will be held in Riga or some of them will be given to other countries. Previously, Finland and Russia were bidders. However, Russia was recently officially deprived of the right to host large-scale international competitions for two years due to a doping scandal.

A few days ago it was reported that Latvia is trying to unhook Belarus and hold all the matches of the World Championship in Riga. In 2006, this Baltic state already organized the tournament on its own. And in Belarus, the world forum was held in 2014.

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