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The US military contingent in Iraq continues to build-up

While the Iraqi authorities are demanding that Washington withdraw army units from the country, the U.S. military contingent only continues to increase.

The majority of lawmakers in the Iraqi parliament voted for the termination of the military cooperation agreement with the USA. Initially, American generals in Iraq declared their readiness to make this decision. However, then the Pentagon clarified the position of Donald Trump's administration: the US presence in the country will not go anywhere.

Another 5,000 from Kuwait have been sent to support the existing 4,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq. In addition, USS Bataan will soon appear in the Persian Gulf with 10,000 more soldiers and sailors. Thus, the number of U.S. troops will more than quadruple in one week.

Two days after Qassem Soleimani was liquidated, the White House formally notified Congress of the operation. Democrats in the House of Representatives promise to vote in favor of a “resolution on military powers” that would oblige the Trump administration to stop any military action against Iran 30 days after it began.

In the event that the Senate refuses to adopt this resolution, the Democrats promise to sue the White House in an attempt to make any military action unconstitutional without Congress approval. Of course, they are absolutely right — it is another matter that in the Obama era, no liberal public was outraged by operations in Libya, Syria or Iraq, also conducted without Congressional approval.

Bernie Sanders, one of the leaders on the Democrats' primaries, compared the destruction of Soleimani to the “murder of dissidents in Russia. His rival, Elizabeth Warren, considers the incident an attempt by Trump to distract attention from the impeachment procedure. Although he has been in a frozen state for two weeks now, the Democrats still hesitate to send impeachment articles to the Senate.

Legally, nothing suspends Trump's administration from launching full-scale military operations against Iran. The White House awaits a response from official Tehran, if at all. But no ground operation is planned in Iran, the Pentagon will limit itself to missile attacks on nuclear infrastructure, refineries and oil pipelines.

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