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The U.S. demands the removal of Telegram from the App Store

A Washington nonprofit organization sued Apple to remove Telegram from the App Store due to the lack of moderation of “extremist information” after the Capitol assault.

According to The Washington Post, the lawsuit is a pressure tactic to force Apple to act against Telegram in a similar way as it did with Parler.

Recall that the social networking client used by Trump supporters was removed from the App Store and Google Play stores, and Amazon refused to provide its servers. Thus, Parler was simply destroyed.

The lawsuit was filed by the Coalition for a Secure Internet, headed by former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco Mark Ginsberg. The organization fights for technology and policies to remove extremist content from social media. Their complaint states that racist, neo-Nazi, and other hostile content is posted on Telegram. Thus, the content of the messenger violates the terms of use of the Apple app store.

According to the coalition's lawyer Keith Altman, a similar lawsuit is planned against Google. Ginsberg notes that anti-Semitic content is circulating on Telegram. The lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court for Northern California, alleges moral damages and a violation of the California Business Code. Apple and Telegram officials had declined to comment at the time of publication.

Earlier, we reported that 275 criminal cases were opened in the United States because of the Capitol riots.

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