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In Israel, 13 people suffered facial paralysis after the Pfizer vaccination

A second dose of the vaccine will be given to anyone who accepts it, but only when the paralysis is completely gone.

Thirteen Israelis suffered temporary facial paralysis after the first dose of Pfizer and BioNTech's coronavirus vaccine. The Jerusalem Post reported this on Sunday, January 17.

People experienced mild facial nerve paralysis as a side effect after being vaccinated against COVID-19. Health officials estimate that the actual number of people paralyzed may be higher.

One patient noted that the paralysis effect lasted for 28 hours. According to him, the paralysis is still not completely gone. However, he stressed that other than that, he had no complaints, everything went well.

The patient admitted that he had not yet decided whether he wanted a second dose of the vaccine. According to him, vaccination should not be avoided. He wants to show by example that there is nothing to be afraid of and that paralysis is just a “one-time action that won't happen again.”

Ministry of Health officials said that a second dose will be given to anyone who agrees to it, but only when the paralysis is completely gone.

Earlier it was reported that two men in Israel died shortly after being vaccinated against the coronavirus. One of them was 88 years old, and the other was 75 years old.

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