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Iran did not risk a big war with America

The White House held a long-awaited press conference on the results of the twilight day, during which it seemed that a full-scale war between the U.S. and Iran could begin.

Donald Trump again promised to do everything in his power to prevent the Iranian authorities from acquiring nuclear weapons. However, he tried to assure the public that the possibility of starting a war with Iran is not on the agenda of his administration.

Early in the morning, the Iranian armed forces launched 15 missile strikes on two US air bases in Iraq. Trump confirmed the information that none of the American soldiers were injured during the attack. As it later became known, Iraqi authorities received information about the strike in advance and handed over the list of targets of Iranian missiles to the American side.

The Trump administration sees the attack not as a formal act of declaration of war, but rather as a symbolic gesture necessary for domestic consumption in Iran. It was important for the authorities in official Tehran to keep a face in the eyes of the people of the country after the liquidation of Kasem Suleimani, but in a way that did not risk a major war with America.

That was ultimately what they were able to do. It is unlikely, of course, that the Iranians will end up limiting themselves to symbolic missile strikes. Attempts to assassinate US diplomats in the region will surely follow — they will no longer be carried out on behalf of the Iranian army but by various military groups close to them.

Washington plans to toughen economic sanctions against Tehran. Trump, in his speech, once again urged European countries to give up trade with Iran. The European Union has just recently created its banking system, the equivalent of SWIFT, to continue financial transactions with banks in Iran.

Trump has placed indirect responsibility for what happened to the Obama administration. He even hinted that missiles fired at U.S. bases could have been made for the same $1.5 billion that Obama sent in boxes to Iran.

The White House expects a de-escalation of the conflict, but in the event of a repeat attack, it's ready to retaliate. Trump stressed that America is no longer dependent on Middle Eastern oil as if to make it clear that in case of which the strike on Iran's oil infrastructure is unlikely to lead to a catastrophe in the American economy.

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