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How much tea do the British drink?

Each Briton brews an average of four teabags a day. The total number in a year across the country may be as high as 61 billion. One in three drink tea when they want to calm down a bit and 1 in 20 do so in a crisis situation. Not surprisingly, since March 2020, 27% of British residents have started drinking tea more often. This is evidenced by the research company OnePoll among 2 thousand respondents.

The survey showed that the British are conservative about tea: 36% are not inclined to experiment with its species and varieties, and every third is willing to enjoy their favorite drink for life. In comparison, 58% of those surveyed would be willing to try new types of coffee. The most important thing in tea is its taste (66%), to a lesser extent Britons care about its cost (15%) and environmental friendliness (5%).

One in four respondents (24%) began to brew leaf tea more often during the lockdown, and 22% will drink it more in the next 12 months. One in three Britons said they would switch from bagged tea to lose leaf tea if they knew it was safer for the environment. Of those who do not drink loose-leaf tea, one in two thinks it is dirtier and one in five thinks it is harder to brew.

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