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Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy divorce at Zoom

Last spring, Mary-Kate Olsen and the half-brother of former French president Olivier Sarkozy announced their divorce after five years of marriage. Because of the restrictions imposed in connection with the pandemic coronavirus, the divorce process had to be postponed indefinitely. It seems that the future ex-spouses do not want to delay the divorce any longer: together with their lawyers and legal representative, Olsen and Sarkozy met by video conference at Zoom.

According to Sarkozy's lawyer Michael Mosberg, they were able to come to a final agreement during the meeting. In the near future, the case will go to court, after which Olsen and Sarkozy will be officially divorced.

This is good news considering the circumstances of the couple's divorce were quite dramatic. Sarkozy forced his wife to move out of their apartment in New York, terminating their lease without warning. Because of social distancing rules, Mary-Kate did not meet the deadline and so went to court with an emotional plea: “I am in an emergency situation because my husband is demanding that I leave our home. I am in shock that my husband is trying to deprive me of my home. If he succeeds, I will lose not only my home but also my personal belongings.”

The couple would not give a reason for the divorce, but an insider claims that Mary-Kate and Olivier did not see eye to eye on their life together. “Mary-Kate is a very hard worker. She runs several companies, and her work schedule can be crazy,” the insider said. — She's the type of person who thinks a 12-hour workday is a norm. Olivier never understood her drive and passion. He would have liked to have a stay-at-home wife.”

According to another version, the reason for the separation was the unwillingness of Sarkozy to have children. Apparently, he was not burning desire to have children, because he already has children from a previous marriage with Charlotte Bernard — teenagers named Julien and Margot.

According to an insider from Mary-Kate's entourage, a few months ago she began dating again. However, to start a serious relationship Olsen is in no hurry: “In the near future, Mary-Kate does not plan to enter into a new relationship, she has not yet had time to recover. Olivier seems like a fun guy, but he can actually be very cruel.”

Recall that 34-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen and 51-year-old Olivier Sarkozy have been together for about eight years, starting dating in 2012. In 2015, they played a wedding, which took place in a mansion in Manhattan. In one interview, Mary-Kate said she found common ground with Sarkozy's children and enjoyed being a housewife. Carla Bruni, the model, and wife of Nicolas Sarkozy admitted that she had never seen her brother-in-law so happy. Alas, this did not save the marriage between Olsen and Sarkozy.

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