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Demand for firearms increased significantly in the U.S.

In 2020, 60% more firearms were sold than the year before. The situation is explained by the growing uncertainty in society.

The U.S. has sold 21 million firearms in 2020. This was reported by Business Insider on Friday, January 15.

The increase in gun sales was over 60 percent compared to 2019. It was driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests, and the presidential election.

"Waves of uncertainty and excitement are driving demand for firearms," said Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting chief economist Jurgen Braue.

At the same time, according to the National Shooting Sports Federation (NSSF), approximately 8.5 million Americans will have purchased their first firearm in 2020. That's about 40 percent of all gun purchases in the U.S. last year.

"We've had riots across the country for two months now. People are asking: will I be safe? Will the police come if I need them? If they come, will they be impartial? There are questions of personal safety," Braue added.

From the start of the pandemic in March through the summer, there was a significant shortage in U.S. gun stores, experts say. Gun sales in 2021 will remain strong, though not as high as in 2020, experts predict.

"If you go into any firearms store, you'll see that the shelves are still empty. That tells you that the demand for firearms is still not being met," said Mark Oliva of the NSSF.

Recall that 20,000 military personnel will be providing security at Biden's inauguration. The Pentagon is still working on plans for additional security in Washington on January 20, the U.S. media reported.

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