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Belarusian authorities plan to create concentration camps for protesters

Belarusian association BYPOL, engaged in helping law enforcement officers, dismissed from service for supporting the protesters, published on YouTube a recording of a conversation with Deputy Interior Minister Nikolai Karpenko. The law enforcement officer said that the authorities planned to create specialized concentration camps for the protesters.

The recording, as it became known from its contents, was made on October 30 — the day when Karpenkov was leaving his post as head of the Main Department for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption of the Interior Ministry. It follows from the conversation of the official with his subordinates that the leadership of Belarusian law-enforcers discussed at a meeting with President Aliaksandr Lukashenko the possibility of creating special camps in the country, where especially active demonstrators would be placed.

“It was said to develop, to make a camp. Well, not for prisoners of war, not even for internees, but a resettlement camp. And put barbed wire around the perimeter,” said Karpenko. He explained that the protesters, included in a specialized database of the protesters for two or more times, would be sent there.

The security officer also confirmed the information of Belarusian human rights activists that Alexander Taraikovsky, who died in the first days of the crisis in the country, was killed by riot police with a shot to the chest from a Russian Yarygin traumatic gun. “Yes, Taraikovsky, yes, a drunkard and a retard. He died, of course, from a rubber bullet that flew into his chest,” the official said.

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