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Apple scans photos of iPhone users

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The media content is monitored by a special algorithm...

Apple said it has been checking iPhone users since October last year. If the gadget finds child porn, the account is turned off.

Apple has confirmed that it can scan photos of iPhone users. Thus, the company fights violence against children and does it to prevent the spread of child pornography, writes The Telegraph.

It scans all the photos and videos that the user of “apple” products saves in his gadget and transmits via iCloud.

The media content is monitored by a special algorithm, similar to the spam filter in electronic boxes.

According to the company representative Jane Horvath, those accounts, which will find child porn, will be disabled.

The company also added that they are entitled to check the photo and video content of iPhone users from October 2019. Then Apple updated the privacy policy section on its website and reported that data scanning is aimed at combating illegal content and sexual exploitation of minors.

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