U.S. Capitols beefed up security due to threat of mass protests

U.S. security guards are beefing up security at state capitol buildings, where local lawmakers sit, amid FBI warnings of the possibility of “armed protests” at least until January 20 — the inauguration day of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden.

CNN reports about it.

Thus, in Georgia, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin, the National Guard will activate its forces to provide security near the capitols.

In Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington, Virginia, and Georgia, fences are being installed around the capitol buildings, and measures are being put in place to control possible crowd action.

In addition, Richmond, the capital of Virginia, declared a state of emergency, where the area in front of the Capitol will be closed due to expected demonstrations. The Capitol building was also closed in Utah because of planned protests.

Lawmakers in Florida and Oklahoma were ordered to work from home next weekend due to the possibility of protests. Staff members at the Wisconsin Capitol, in turn, boarded up the windows of the building.

The NYPD has taken steps to “increase security in and around the State Capitol in Albany” ahead of Biden's inauguration. California Governor Gavin Newsom said a “heightened level of security” has been activated at the Capitol, and National Guard forces may also be deployed.

As a reminder, the FBI received a warning of a “huge uprising” by Trump supporters. Protests are allegedly planned outside the legislative assemblies of 50 American states from January 16 to 20, and outside the Capitol in Washington from January 17 to 20.

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