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In Germany, 10 people died after being vaccinated against the coronavirus

At least 10 people in Germany have died after being inoculated against coronavirus. This is reported by the news agency DPA.

Experts of the federal Paul Ehrlich Institute for Vaccine Development and Biomedical Drugs (PEI) have started an investigation into the deaths. They note that the seriously ill people died within four days of being vaccinated. According to them, a link between the deaths of the vaccinated and the vaccination itself is unlikely.

As of Jan. 14, about 842,400 residents (just over 1 percent of the population) in Germany had received the coronavirus vaccine.

More than 20 people vaccinated with Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine had previously been reported dead. The drug agency noted that the vaccine may indeed have caused side effects that led to “a more serious course of existing diseases in older people.” Coronavirus vaccination with Pfizer's drug in Norway began Dec. 27. Residents of nursing homes in Oslo were the first to be vaccinated.

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