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Armie Hammer responds to accusations of sexual harassment and cannibalism

Armie Hammer has dropped out of the cast of the new Jennifer Lopez movie amid allegations of sexual harassment and cannibalism. Here are the details.

Armie Hammer has broken his silence about a leaked correspondence online in which he discusses his sexual fantasies with an unknown girl. The actor admits to her that he wants to taste her (literally) and submit her to himself. Hammer's controversial messages, in which he calls himself a cannibal and describes in color how he raped the girl with a knife to her throat and how he enjoyed it, caused a wide response. While some speculate that the reports may be fake, others are calling Hammer the new Harvey Weinstein and demanding that he be fired from Hollywood.

Here's what Armie himself thinks about it: “I won't comment on these silly allegations. In light of the vicious and false online attack against me, I cannot in good conscience leave my children for four months to star in a movie in the Dominican Republic. Lionsgate is supporting me in this, and I am grateful for their support.”

The film in question is Shotgun Wedding, in which Armie was to star alongside Jennifer Lopez. A representative of the production company explained the refusal of the actor from the project floating date of the start of filming. Nevertheless, users of social networks believe that the company decided to refuse to cooperate with Armie, in order to avoid a scandal. Hammer is about to shoot a sequel to “Call Me by Your Name”, but in light of recent events, it is unclear whether he will take part in the project or not.

Armie Hammer responds to accusations of sexual harassment and cannibalism

While the actor himself insists the correspondence was faked, numerous girls who have had an affair with Hammer claim he used his fame to manipulate him into having sex and that the leaked correspondence is real. It is reported that one of these women was so traumatized after her interactions with the actor that she had to go through a rehabilitation program.

Hammer's predilection for BDSM became known last summer when the network leaked intimate correspondence of the actor with a girl from Russia. In those messages, which in the background of new details seem innocent, Hammer admired the girl's figure: he called her “kitten” and she called him “daddy” or “sir”, which is typical for a BDSM relationship.

Hammer's multiple adulteries are rumored to be the reason for his divorce from TV host and actress Elizabeth Chambers this summer. The couple were together for 13 years and have two children: five-year-old daughter Harper Grace and two-year-old son Ford Douglas Armand. Like Armie, Elizabeth has yet to comment on what happened. According to the insider, she is shocked by what's happening and refuses to believe it's all true.

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