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Scientists want to infect volunteers to test coronavirus vaccines

An international group of scientists has proposed specifically infecting volunteers with COVID-19 to accelerate the development of a coronavirus vaccine. Now, this method of testing drugs for coronavirus is not used anywhere in the world for ethical reasons. According to the current research protocol, specialists are waiting for the vaccinated to become infected by accident.

Scientists who are in favor of lifting the ban on experimenting with contamination have developed a mathematical model that can be used to calculate the risk of participating in a coronavirus vaccine trial.

“To help dispel existing objections to research with intentional coronavirus infection, we created a model that will help assess the risks to participants in hypothetical trials,” the researchers said in an article describing their calculations.

According to them, the probability that the tests will do without death among volunteers is 99.85%. The chance that no hospitalization is required is 98.7%, scientists calculated.

There is a site on the Internet where registration is open for those wishing to take part in such tests. About 40 thousand volunteers from 166 countries of the world have already registered there.

In May 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a document stating that deliberately infecting volunteer trials would be helpful in combating the pandemic. At the same time, WHO realizes that allowing such experiments will raise many ethical questions.

The organization has compiled a list of universal criteria that any study with the intentional infection must meet. They require work to be carried out to the highest medical and community standards, and the potential benefits of research far outweigh the risks.

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