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U.S. senators warned of a new assault on the Capitol

Attackers are planning a new takeover of the Capitol on the day of Biden's inauguration. The security of politicians will now be ensured by 15,000 National Guardsmen.

In the U.S., the Congressional Security Service has warned senators of a new assault on the Capitol, which is planned for the day of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration. It was reported by The Hill on Tuesday, January 12, citing a source.

Lawmakers were told about the risk of an armed attack on the Capitol, the White House, and the Supreme Court building on January 20. In connection with this, about 15 thousand members of the National Guard would be involved in providing security.

In turn, some senators, worried about the threat, urged voters not to come to Washington for the inauguration ceremony.

As it was reported on January 6, there were unprecedented riots in Washington, during which supporters of the acting head of state tried to storm the building of the US Congress. During the riots, four people died — one woman was shot in the Capitol building, and three others were killed in the area around the building. Later, one of the police officers guarding the building also died.

It was later learned that the Capitol would be fenced off during Biden's inauguration. Only invited persons who have tickets will be able to enter the Capitol grounds. Entry for the rest of the public will be closed.

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