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Bombs found near the Capitol had timers on them

On the day of the riots, law enforcement officers found a pickup truck with 11 explosive devices and firearms parked near the Capitol.

The homemade bombs found during the riots near the Capitol in Washington were real, and they had timers on them. This was reported Tuesday, January 12, by NBC News correspondent Tom Winter on his Twitter page, citing Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin.

According to Sherwin, the explosive devices were destroyed by Capitol Police with the support of appropriate services.

He also noted that so far the intelligence agencies have no information as to why the bombs have not exploded.

Recall, on January 6, a crowd of thousands of Donald Trump supporters staged protests in Washington, expressing their disagreement with the results of the presidential election, which was led by Democrat Joe Biden. Some protesters stormed the Capitol, where Congress was approving the results of the presidential election. As a result, four people died during the protests. Later a wounded policeman died in hospital and became the fifth victim of the riots.

We shall remind you that in the USA, the Congress security service warned the senators about a new storming of the Capitol, which is planned for the inauguration day of President-elect Joe Biden.

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