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Scientists have found a way to halve the spread of coronavirus

Scientists have found a way to cut the spread of the coronavirus in half. This was reported by Europe News Headlines with reference to the work of researchers from the United States and Germany, published in the journal Nature.

According to experts, the use of bi-directional contact tracing can significantly reduce the likelihood of virus transmission. Scientists note that in most cases, only those who could be infected by a sick person are considered. However, in their opinion, it should also be tracked who infected the patient. To do this, experts propose to increase the time period for tracing infected contacts from two to six days before symptoms appear.

Researchers have built several contact tracking models that demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach. According to them, the use of a bi-directional method reduces the likelihood of new infections by almost half.

Earlier, Russian scientists said that low doses of radiation can kill the coronavirus. According to them, a new way to get rid of the virus does not harm humans. In the course of a joint study with colleagues from Uzbekistan, they managed to discover the features of the effect of soft X-rays and ultraviolet radiation on the coronavirus.

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