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Photo US Vice President: Vogue is caught in a racist scandal

Kamala Harris's skin color appeared much lighter on one of the cover photos than in real life

A popular American tabloid Vogue has found itself at the center of a racist scandal over Kamala Harris's pictures of Vice President-elect for the cover of the magazine.

The reason for the controversy was caused by one of the photos — against a green background and pink drapery. Some commentators on social networks thought that because of the blurred effect, Harris's skin appeared lighter than in real life.

"Kamala Harris has the same light skin as other women of color, and Vogue still treated her to a lightening effect. What the hell is this blurring mess on the cover?” — one commenter asks.

“What the heck. Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief of Vogue) really shouldn't have dark-skinned friends and colleagues. I'll take a picture of Vice President Kamala Harris for free on my Samsung, and I'm 100 percent sure it'll turn out better than a Vogue cover,” New York Times correspondent Wajahat Ali is outraged.

“The photo itself isn't bad. It's just far below Vogue's standards. They didn't think twice about it. It's like a homework assignment done by the morning before it was turned in. Disrespectful,” writes LGBT activist Charlotte Clymer.

And while Vogue claims that they didn't process Harris' skin tone after the photoshoot and that both photos were chosen by her representatives, that didn't help reduce the degree of public outrage.

The Vogue editorial staff has not yet said which photo will grace the next cover. However, it is curious that both pictures were taken by dark-skinned photographer Tyler Mitchell.

Recall that late last year, Kamala Harris and U.S. President-elect Joe Biden were placed on the cover of Time, honoring them with the title of “Man of the Year”.

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