The United States has put Patriot complexes in the Middle East on alert — Media

American antiaircraft missile system Patriot

The U.S. military is tracking the possibility of Iranian drones hitting bases in the Middle East.

American Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems in the Middle East are on high alert due to the possibility of Iranian drone strikes. This was announced on Tuesday, January 7, by CNN TV with reference to two American representatives.

“There were indications that we should monitor the threats even more closely,” said one of the channel's interlocutors.

According to another, “all Patriot batteries and units deployed in the region are on standby” due to the threat. According to these officials, U.S. forces in the Middle East have been on high alert for several days, but last night they were particularly vigilant.

According to the TV company, “Based on intelligence data, the U.S. has been tracking the possibility of an attack on U.S. facilities in Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Jordan.

Earlier, the Pentagon said that the U.S. does not intend to withdraw troops from Iraq.

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