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Parler app where Trump supporters communicated was removed from Google Play

Now Apple, following Google's lead, is threatening to remove the App Store app if it doesn't change its moderation policy.

Google has removed the app Parler, where Donald Trump supporters communicated, from Google Play. This was reported by the Voice of America on Saturday, January 9.

According to Google, Parler had previously been warned against posting content that provoked violence and that the app would not be allowed on the Google Play platform until it changed its moderation policy.

At the same time, Parler manager John Matzi stated that Apple Corporation also threatens to remove the application from the App Store, if Parler does not change the policy of moderation of the content within 24 hours.

Note that Parler is a social network popular among conservative users, including many Donald Trump supporters.

Recall that earlier Trump blocked three social networks at once. Facebook and Instagram froze the accounts of the current president of the United States for 24 hours, and Twitter imposed a 12-hour blocking.

Twitter later permanently blocked Trump's account. The company announced the ban two days after Trump was initially blocked Wednesday for posting a series of tweets that "misled users about the outcome of the presidential election."

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